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iiii-Fest 2019



Professionals, Entrepeneurs, Scholars, Students and alike, join us @ iiii-Fest 2019 to become one of the Future-Oriented-Persons (FOP’s) which our world so desperately needs. Expect a dazzling array of workshops, seminars, brainstorms, hands-on-labs, contests, exhibitions and more, including our Gala Dinner at this inspiring globally-connected event. Join iiii-Fest 2019 to become empowered!

Information – information exchange, learn-by-doing & more… Information is the essential building block of our future – whether we like it or not. Information & Communication Technology (ICT) is the key to that future. Learn & experience how ICT allows us to create many NEW jobs as well as improve the quality of our lifes – with the success of smartphones as an example.

Interaction – meet, engage, unite, collaborate, communicate & more… Internet & smart devices allows us to interact in different ways, to broaden our horizon from a mostly local-focus towards global opportunities & challenges. South Africa has a huge potential to become an important player on a global scale. Lets make sure we unlock this great nation and its tremendous power.

Innovation – Internet of Things (IoT) – Internet Commerce & more… Be prepared for the future, prepare yourself for change, alteration, revolution, transformation, metamorphosis, reorganisation, restructuring, rearrangement. Learn & experience what innovation will mean for you & your organisation, be part of the evolutionary and even disruptive forces during iiii-Fest 2019.

Incubation – prepare, produce, perform, ….. A great idea, a new strategy, a new product or solution – how to make it come alive? During iiii-Fest 2019 you can learn much more about incubation and also about conception, pre-incubation and after-care. iiii-Fest 2019 will feature examples of everything you need to make your ideas come alive & be successful.

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